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July 17, 2009


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Susan J Tweit

Sounds like a wonderful day! Congratulations on finding just the right bikes, and a bike shop that'll be there to help you keep them fitting perfectly over time. And on a seeing a great play well done. Can't ask for much more all in one day....


I see so many people riding around on bikes that don't fit them. Mostly I see seats that are too low. That's killer on knees!

Kudos to y'all for getting decent bikes at a good bike shop. I've done most of my own bike maintenance over the years, changing stems and bottom brackets and re-taping handlebars and stuff. It's pretty fun. And last night I got to fix a broken chain for one of the neighborhood kids. :)

Deb Robson

We didn't LOOK like we were on bikes that didn't fit. And they worked pretty well. We just want to ride even more, and that's where we started getting picky. . . . Well, that and finding it impossible to keep the seats high enough. . . .
We haven't done a lot of maintenance, but we're the sort who probably will. We've just been oiling chains and adjusting seats and the like.


Glad to hear of such a perfect day! Hurray!


Check with your local bike shop to see if they have a basic maintenance class. I got started by taking one at REI.

Have fun on the bikes!


Knitting, with Dogs

janel laidman

Oh that sounds like a lovely day. I just recently bought a new bike too, mine is a very "upright" bike, and I love it because leaning on the handlebars usually hurts my back. My problem is that most bikes are too big for me, I have very short legs.


First, you are the most unexpected "senior" I've seen in a while! Might as well take a discount, I say.

Brian just got a new bike about a month or so ago. I had to convince him to go for it, but he rides sometimes 120 miles a day and was trying to take parts from 3 bikes in the garage to make one that was "almost" right.

He loves his new bike (Rivendell Quickbeam). He had done enough research that he was sure that if he got a new bike, that one would please him most. He rides a lot of gravel roads and such, and it's not very hilly here, so I am guessing those things featured in the decision.

I'm happy he got his new bike. As for me? I have a late 1960's/early 70's Schwinn Suburban 5-speed "girl" bike. It's as adorable as one can get, and since my commute is 3 miles on flat city streets, it's just right for me.

Deb Robson

We just rode home from the theater on our bikes in a rainstorm. It didn't get so bad we had to stop, and it wasn't too cold, so it was kind of fun.
I have to watch where I'm putting the weight on my hands, and I may do something different with the grips at some point. I have to be careful about my wrists, so I have lots of empathy there! These are sort of halfway-upright bikes.

Deb Robson

Rivendell bikes: have just been browsing. Too cool. I think one of those could be easy to love. Congratulations to Brian! I look forward to reports on how it's going.
A well-broken in Schwinn sounds like a fine tool, too.

lynne s of oz

Ooh, shiny nice new bikes! Bikes that fit!
I am pretty sure my bike is a good fit for me but two years on and I've realised the old saddle is horrid! To ride more than 10 miles in a day I need padded knicks. (Our 20 mile ride up the Poudre was agony by the end! LOL) Took me that long to work it out and I ride my bike every couple of days.... Now bike is getting a service and a new saddle. yay!

Deb Robson

Yes. Saddles. A challenge. We are swapping them around and trying things out. That was the major problem on my older bike, the one before the one just replaced, which was a Motobecane 10-speed that I liked a whole lot (and may yet refurbish), except for the saddle.
We are testing two Serfas saddles and one Bontrager. The WTB saddles that came with the bikes are okay for short distances, but that's not what we end up riding. They're actually nice saddles, and I think somebody else would like them just fine.


How wonderful that you got your new bikes!

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