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June 27, 2009


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Cindy Jones

OK, now I am dying to know where it is!


Wow! It looks wonderful. Too bad you can't stay longer. Don't regret the travel hours. Think of the energy you are getting just from being in that special place. (I especially like the horses in your backyard...)


Such a beautiful location. Enjoy! I think a day or two of spinning in a place like that would be so restorative. I have managed just a couple of hours of spinning (it's a good break from packing) and I feel so much better. What would 2 days be like?!

Susan J. Tweit

Good for you! I hope the rest of the weekend was similarly productive. The penstemon is blue mist penstemon, and the geranium is sticky geranium.

We're in Denver moving my folks into a retirement community. Fun, fun, fun. Last week was Aspen (Colo Book Awards, which Colorado Scenic Byways won), then moving the folks, then Walsenburg where I was the guest author at the dedication of the new public library, then Denver to pick Molly up, Salida for the opening of the sculpture show Richard's in, and then back to Denver again today for more moving. No wonder I haven't had time to blog or email or think or sleep....

Deb Robson

Teller County. I think Florissant is the closest easily recognized location.

Deb Robson

Some spinning, some talking, much coordination of efforts.

I can tell you that a week of spinning and writing (as in Salida) was bliss.

This was mighty fine, though, and I came back feeling like this project may not be endless. . . . Worth the drive to get that.

Deb Robson

Susan, I figured you might be able to help me with the flowers! I could get in the neighborhood, but not to precise names (especially with no field guide at hand).

I wondered what you were up to, other than Walsenberg.

Yes, I noticed you had won a Colorado Book Award for Colorado Scenic Byways! I "tweeted" about that when I discovered the news (up in the mountains). Congratulations! If anybody else had won in your category, I'd know something was wrong with the judging. It's a wonderful accomplishment and deserves every award.

Carol Ekarius, with whom I was working this weekend, won in the general nonfiction category for Storey’s Illustrated Breed Guide to Sheep, Goats, Cattle and Pigs.


Susan J. Tweit

I clapped and hooted when Carol's award was announced, even though she wasn't there. We're in great company this year, as I just wrote on my blog: David Wroblewski won fiction, Amy Irvine creative non-fiction, and a host of other wonderful writers took awards.

What I'm doing now is being sick, sick, sick. Fever, chills, a head filled with moco (snot). Can't wait to finish moving my folks and get home!


The sunset is incredible. I must admit a big fondness for running water and flush toilets, but I'm very happy that you shared the photos.

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