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June 15, 2009


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Linda Cunningham

The iris looks fabulous. We made a Home Depot run to buy more container soil for The Great Potato Experiment and also walked out with a light salmon pink miniature rose, so we now have a bit of colour other than "green."

Susan J Tweit

Ah, for all of that precipitation you've had. All we've gotten is the wind off the edge of the front. So it goes.... Your iris photo reminds me of the clouds of wild iris we sat in the vegas (wet meadows) east of the town of San Luis as we drove home from Santa Fe on Friday. I'll get to that in a blog post when I've gotten caught up from being away....


Ahh. Everything is just so "one step at a time," isn't it!? I keep thinking that as I pack. Meanwhile, my garden--many hours of labor a few years ago--produces lots of onions, basil, jerusalem artichokes, potatoes, garlic, radishes, collards, etc. without much planting at all. It's just on autopilot. This will be too--in a couple of years!


Slow but steady... one of those too true cliches. I love the fact that she read the newspapers as she lined the boxes. Now that's taking the journey without being so hung up on the making it to the destination!

Deb Robson

I'm not sure why my replies to these comments have not been showing up.

We are still working on finding time and appropriate weather to get the soil into the boxes. Right now, the weather's much better.


What is that lovely cloud of pink blossoms. My yard needs this.


It all looks like progress to me! OX

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