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June 30, 2009


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Linda Cunningham

The skeins look fabulous! I was a good girl and did not buy a fleece at Olds, although there were several I could have come home with.

Did, however, buy some small bags of fleece that were used in the judging courses: an ounce of coloured English Leicester for my breed book, and five ounces (now probably 3.5 after washing) of some gorgeous dark brown Polwarth, which has only 2" staples but amazing softness and crimp. I'm going to spin it up and ply the single with some of the fine Romney for socks. :-)


I too have had blog posts or emails disappear on me right at the end. Very frustrating! Thank you for this post on (mostly) long wools, which I adore. I look forward to more about US vs UK Wensleydales! Will you talk about the breeding process with seaman importation!? (mispelling used for censoring purposes..)

Gorgeous yarns, btw. I agree, yarn is sometimes much more durable than cyberposts, too!

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