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June 21, 2009


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Thanks for taking me to the wool market with you! I saw some of that Teeswater flock in Maryland. Beautiful animals, but not-quite- Teeswater yet. :)

Susan J. Tweit

Seeing our native sheep on the way to the sheep and wool festival is a lovely bit of serendipity. It sounds like a wonderful excursion, and a great time for your to reconnect with the far-flung sheep breeding/spinning/fiber-using community. Hope you came away charged about getting back to work on the fiber encyclopedia.

BTW, those bighorns on the roadside were most likely licking the soil for the remnants of winter de-icing salts, whether the common sodium chloride or magnesium chloride. They gather at natural salt licks in spring, and have figured out (they're not dumb!) that paved roads have salt along them from the winter runoff. They don't understand traffic yet though....


Dang! I forgot all about it or I would have made the trip up... I guess there's next year.


There's a small pool right before a culvert at that point - no wonder the bighorns gather there! They don't need to cross the highway to access the river. Up canyon a bit, the bighorns cross the road to get to the river - I always worry someone is going to zip around the corner and crash into a flock.

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