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May 01, 2009


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Someday I'll get to go to Maryland.
In the meantime, try to have an even more fabulous time for those of us left behind...

Linda Cunningham

Great licence plates.

I remember driving by Enchanted Forest -- it always struck me as one of those places that survived well in the fifties and sixties but would succumb to paranoid parents now. Good luck to the new owners.

(Picking up the inkle loom tomorrow, which I think almost qualifies as a S&WF "purchase"....)

Deb Robson

Yes, some day you will. It is a fine experience, especially once you know your way around and don't get overwhelmed. Just never try to see everything! It's not possible.

I've had a grand time and am about to head to the airport, with another day to be enjoyed by other folks. But yesterday was a delight and every bit worth coming for.

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