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May 03, 2009


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Sounds like you had the perfect Festival Experience!
I'm going to the NH S&W with my daughter and mother-in-law this weekend (three generations of knitters!) and am really looking forward to it. My only wish is that they'll have more breeds of sheep on display. The last few years they've concentrated on alpacas and llamas, and there's not near enough variety in those...


Sunday was dreary rain all day long. Be glad you were there on Saturday. Usually that's when I go, but this year my schedule was such that I HAD to go on Sunday, or not go at all. Of course, I was so rushed, I didn't really get to enjoy things as much as I would have liked, but there's always next year.

Deb Robson

That was my concern about the rain I saw on Sunday morning as I left. When I'm prepared (the big two items are shoes that don't mind getting wet and some sort of poncho or rain jacket), I like the festival in the rain, too, although I always feel bad for the outside vendors.

I wonder if the universe will conspire to get me there next year? I never know. I missed eight years in a row once. That was not good!

Deb Robson

I'd like to visit New Hampshire Sheep and Wool, and a rainy day at Maryland is SO much better than no day at Maryland.

My t-shirt in the photo with Pat and Joanne, with the ball-of-yarn sheep, was designed by Kristi, also known as Fiberfool and Designedly, Kristi http://blog.designedlykristi.com/


I checked out Solitude's website. Looks like great stuff. I'm really tempted to call up and place an order (must show restraint). Will you be bringing your loot to SnB for show and tell? That might be reason enough to push myself for an appearance.

Deb Robson

Amanda, I won't be at SnB tonight. NEXT week. I'm in Salida, spinning North Ronaldsay. And yes, I can bring my samples. And yes, you would be so, so, so tempted . . . wisely so. I selected colors within a certain palette for a particular reason, but the general color availability in these yarns is exquisite. Solitude is doing mechanical processing, but they are doing it right. The yarns retain the qualities of the breeds. I have two skeins of their stuff, which isn't enough to give you a sense of the variety but *is* enough to let you know about quality! Top-notch.


Hi there! You did a great summary. :) I am still in recovery from Sunday at MD. Rain. Cold. Couldn't feel my feet... and then on Monday I succumbed to some sort of virus that both my nephews have too. I've felt pretty ill but being 6 months or 3 with this would be worse. Anyhow, I'm in Vermont now, and hope NH will be a blast (and be dry) and I'll feel up to it. Wish I had the energy to do these posts justice with even more comments!

Deb Robson

Hi, Joanne: Oh, I hope you feel better soon! Cold feet at a festival are not good. Sometimes I love my rubber boots (although I only pack them when I'm flying to Alaska, so I would have been caught out by Sunday in Maryland this year, too . . . my water-walking sandals, yes, but no warmth). Rest. Tea. Fiber .

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