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May 04, 2009


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As I looked through the license plates, it was shocking to realize I knew who a few of them belong to! Nancy's Ewe Who has been a staple for years, and a few others are familiar! Can't wait until you're back from Salida and we can catch up. I'm envious of the yums you found--the colors, of course, are gorgeous!

Deb Robson

I figured somebody might recognize themselves or others. Especially loved the Ewe Who. That's one well-kept, sturdy, hard-working vehicle, too.


Love love love "EWE WHO"

Linda Cunningham

I caught this one last year -- made me stop in my tracks and get out the camera, even though I really only wanted to collapse back at the hotel after a long hot day....

Linda Cunningham

The photo should be this one http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3149/2484742071_965c428a91.jpg


Love them all - thanks for the tour for those of us who can't get there ;)

Deb Robson


Deb Robson

You're welcome! Vicarious traveling is far better than none, in my opinion. I'll vicariously travel often. In fact, I'm about to do a little, courtesy of a DVD someone sent me of St Kilda (home of Soay sheep).

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