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April 04, 2009


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Susan J. Tweit

Love the photo, even if you do think you look shaggy and tired! Tussah looks very happy, and so for that matter do you. Donna's tour schedule makes me tired just looking at it, but I know it'll be great for getting the word out about Ethnic Knitting Exploration. And congrats to you on getting the paperwork done for putting all the Nomad Press titles out in Sony e-reader format. That's next on my list to nag U of Texas Press about!

Thanks again for the fabulous stop for my tour for Walking Nature Home!

Deb Robson

We are Tussah's third home (that we know about). She's been with us for something like five years. In her previous home, she was left alone in a shed (which she chewed her way out of). She is NOT a dog who likes to be alone! We tease her when she's like this and ask her if she's missing her shed. . . .

Susan J. Tweit

Oh, my! No wonder she's feeling the need to ooze all over you.... Bless you for giving her a real home!

Deb Robson

She also ate a deck, and some trees, and when she escaped (*frequently*), she would go play in traffic, looking for SOMEONE to pat her. The people were not truly unkind; they just adopted two kids and no longer had time for the dog. Their vet finally talked them into letting her go for re-homing (it took a while). We offered to foster her. She's still here. . . .

Susan J. Tweit

She ate a deck! She really was anxious. Poor Tussah! It's a wonderful thing that she found you.

How's Donna's marathon blog book tour going? I checked in at a couple of stops, and I'm impressed, as always, at her ability to manage a stop a day and still say something interesting....


Glad to hear about Kindle availability coming soon!
Donna's newest book is awesome, can't wait to see the blog tour!

Deb Robson

Oh, good! Nice to hear that the electronic versions will be welcome. I've been doing all the behind-the-scenes work in a vacuum, wondering. . . .


So glad to hear about your upcoming re-retreat! Splendid. When is it?

Deb Robson

Soon! May!

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