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April 10, 2009


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I hope this book series will continue to grow. I enjoy it very much.

It's fun to read about the genesis of the books as well. I was thinking of signing up for your class at the Sock Summit, but since I have no intention of ever publishing anything, it would just be morally wrong to take a space from someone who could use the education.

Deb Robson

For some reason, Janet Riehl couldn't post her comment. Fortunately, she e-mailed it to me! Deb

Riehlife hosted Donna Druchunas last year for her “Ethnic Knitting Discovery.” We loved the knitting by ear approach.

I tagged the book “intuitive crafting” on the Amazon product page and started a discussion on that topic with Donna on Riehlife.

I loved about “Ethnic Knitting Discovery”:

– Clear language
– Fun and helpful illustrations and pull-quotes/boxes
– Practical tips to free the knitter within by giving rules of thumb to follow and create from.

I love the approach because it reminds me of how I make art, cook, and play violin by ear. It’s an intuitive approach that’s ageless because it’s human. It’s an example of how ancient (and sometimes tribal) societies contribute to our contemporary knowledge of a more direct and sensible way to live. I call it “knitting by ear.”

If you'd like to read our interview, here's the link:


I'm sure the new work is a fitting companion for its sister.

Janet Riehl

Deb Robson

Thanks for the good words, Marcia!

I'm not sure how many people will sign up for the Sock Summit class, or how many they can accommodate. I'm expecting that some people will be there out of sheer curiosity about the process, which is fine!


Susan J. Tweit

Great explanation, Deb! (Even a lover-of-step-by-step instructions knitter like me can understand the lure of these books.) Great questions, too, Donna. How you stay creative and focused on a blog book tour as hectic as this this one is a mystery to me. You're the goddess of blog book tours to me! I'm almost done with mine, and it's worn me out, even only doing a new blog appearance every other day....

Janet, I love your comments. You're right on with the knitting by ear metaphor. That nails it!

Deb Robson

We each have our own pace, Susan. Your tour suited your book, very nicely. I'm enjoying both tours a great deal!

donna Druchunas

Hi all, thanks for the great comments.

Susan, things are too hectic for me right now but not because of the blog tour. I had a book due yesterday! Made the deadline for most of the stuff and have to FedEx a few last materials on Monday. But on the blog tour, believe it or not, I don't spend more than 15-30 minutes on each day's post and I try to do a bunch of them on each weekend so that I don't have to be answering the interview questions every day. I also read the questions as soon as I get them, then let it sit and when I come back to it, usually the answers just flow from the top of my head. Plus I don't do much editing on blog posts (although sometimes I regret some stupid mistakes or awkward sentences after the fact).

Will be out of town teaching this weekend, and just extended my trip one extra day so I can stay with friends and have all of Sunday with absolutely no obligations. It will be great! It's my reward to myself for working so hard for the past few weeks.

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