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March 29, 2009


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I read your entry on grey Suffolk sheep on Friday, and happened to be in a new (to me) yarn store on Saturday. They had balls of Rowan "Purelife" yarn, and the color I picked up was labeled "Steel Grey Suffolk"! I grabbed a brochure - they list 5 colors from 4 different breeds. The picture of the Suffolk sheep showed a white fleece with black face and legs. The Bluefaced Leicester sheep sort of looked grey, but the yarn was white. I went to the Rowan website - they state that "Purelife" came out in 2007, is produced organically (conforms to EU regulation 2092/91), and they do say "Organic wool naturally dyed", among other things. I don't know if this helps the mystery of your grey rolags, but it does seem that something is going on concerning this grey Suffolk mystery!

Sharman Apt Russell

Beautiful writing, Susan. And I love the flow of your book tour. You introduced me to this site, for example!

Susan J. Tweit

Deb, thank you for the generous introduction to Walking Nature Home. I'm touched and honored! As you know, while you were snug in the cabin up the Poudre River, Richard and I were out in the blizzard heading between book events in the real and very white and cold and slithery world! But the warmth and enthusiasm of the audiences at my events made up for the weather. And now we're home and I'm back on the couch--ahhh!

Sharman, I'm at work on my post for the next stop, which of course is Love of Place (http://loveofplace.blogspot.com), the blog you host so graciously and thoughtfully. Thank you for welcoming me as you explore the digital world.

Janet Riehl

Dear Deb,

Thanks for the gracious mention of Riehlife in this post. I love your textile metaphors. They are apt. Sharing some of the passages you flagged is an excellent way to show the grace, strength and wisdom of Susan's writing in "Walking Nature Home."

I love your photography, always.

Blessed reading!

Janet Riehl

Deb Robson

Thanks for the details. I would be FAR less confused about this gray "Suffolk" if they did not show photos of what I know to be Suffolk sheep, which very different (and appropriate-looking) wool. Bluefaced Leicester do generally have white wool, although the skin (of their faces at least) is dark colored--the overlying white hair (no wool on the face) gives the "blue" appearance.

Curious. Very curious.

Deb Robson

I already knew your writing, Sharman, of course, but am just connecting with your blog. It's good to have this virtual community happening.

Deb Robson

You're most welcome, Susan. My pleasure, very much so.

Deb Robson

Thanks, Janet! Good to be seeing you around the neighborhood again!


Deb - I visited your blog via Women Writing the West, to read more about Susan Tweit's book. What a delight! First of all, your thoughtful review of her work is a wonderful tribute to her fine writing skills. In addition, as a former weaver, I enjoyed your spinning posts. I now indulge my fiber lust through knitting. After a close encounter with yaks at last year's National Western Stock Show, I've been working up to acquiring yak wool, via Alpaca. Great blog! Thank you.
Best wishes, Joyce Lohse

Deb Robson

Welcome, Joyce! I'm glad you discovered the blog and . . . trust you'll be checking out Susan's book in its entirety. What a treat you have ahead of you!

You'll find a lot of knitting here, too. I cycle between my various pursuits, and they connect to each other. Yak is lovely. So's alpaca!

Susan J. Tweit

Joyce, thanks for stopping by and checking out Deb's beautiful post on Walking Nature Home. Independent Stitch has quite a following among both writers and fiber folk, and rightfully so. Deb's one of those multi-talented people, with a wonderfully bright and inquiring mind, so there's always something interesting to read here.
(Oh, and thanks too, for that lovely compliment about my writing!)

Susan Gallacher-Turner

Wonderful collection of quotes from Susan's book. I found myself wanting my post-it notes, too. To me, that's the measure of a really good book!!

Wonderful to stop by your blog again.
Susan GT

Deb Robson

Great to see you again, Susan. Glad you liked the quote collection! There are, of course, many more where they came from. . . .

Susan J. Tweit

Susan and Deb, thank you for honoring me by hosting me on my blog book tour. It's a great gift to see my book through other's eyes, and I'm fortunate to have two such perceptive people writing about it. (For those following the tour, I'll be on Susan G-T's blog (http://sculpturepdx.blogspot.com/) on April 8th. Next stop is knitting wizard and writer Donna Druchunas' Sheep to Shawl (http://www.sheeptoshawl.com/blog/) with an interview, tomorrow!

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