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March 25, 2009


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Ellen Bloomfield

Deb, I'm very intrigued by your project. I'm glad you are having a very productive week.


First, this sounds like such a fun spinning and writing week. Glad that you're enjoying it!

Second, your summary touches mine in many ways. My first wheel, 24 years ago, came from Ashford in New Zealand in a box, in pieces. My favorite carders are always curve backed, and my absolutely (oldest) and favorite is Clemes & Clemes. I have a love hate relationship with my drum carder and nearly ruined a pair of mini-combs once before admitting I was more of a Viking and English combs kind of gal. All this said, I'm going through some sort of spinning hiatus at the moment, not a lot is getting done. I'd love to talk with you more about this when you come "home!" In the meanwhile, have fun and thanks for bringing us (vicariously) on your work retreat/adventure.

Deb Robson

So, Joanne, you don't look old enough to have gotten your first wheel 24 years ago!

My oldest and most favorite carders are Danish, and they're very like the Clemes & Clemes pair (gray-backed carding cloth) that I *finally* found to work in their stead.

Deb Robson

Ellen, I think of you every time I'm working on this! I think you will like the results. I wish I could talk about it "out loud" more. The time will come. I hope! Back to work. . . .


Oh, Deb, I got my first wheel when I was twelve! :) I realized too that I forgot to mention that I have all the Davenport and Hochberg books, etc. too. I fell for spinning as ten or eleven year old. My parents found me a spinning class to take, and after I completed something like 12 weeks of classes--I wanted my own wheel! In some ways, I'm an "old" spinner. :)

lynne s of oz

That cabin looks fantastic! Poudre Canyon?
The project sounds very intriguing too. I am also surrounded by fibre - have been washing a Rambouillet X fleece from a ewe called SOB!

Deb Robson

Good guess, Lynne! I haven't spent much time up here. Just snowshoeing a few years ago.

Hey! I might get to use my snowshoes if this keeps up! We've got about 3 inches now. Not enough yet. . . .

Deb Robson

Okay, Joanne, so you're a young person and an "old" spinner. I'd figured you must have been less than 6--! Admittedly, in the colonial era everyone age 5 and up was required to be able to spin, but it's almost unbelievable to have people start then in almost all parts of North America these days. Congratulations on getting started so early!

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