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March 18, 2009


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Thanks for the review.

LynnH, whose turn it is to have computer problems. My main laptop is not getting power. Praying it's not the power connection to the motherboard...

Thank goodness I have the tiny EeepC to surf with tonight but I can not get to my files.

Worst case, I put the Toshiba's hard drive in an external case and plug in a keyboard and monitor to the Eeepc (or go back and use the old VAIO laptop with XP until the bad fan goes out completely... that fan is really expensive).

Meanwhile I can't get to my files or old emails tonight (my email is offline/POP mail, not web mail). Sigh.

LynnH who will spend time at a computer shop tomorrow.

Deb Robson

Lynn, you need to mentally escape your computer with a vicarious trip to
some festivals! Talk your library into getting a copy of Fiber Gathering

The Macs are working. The network is not smooth yet. I've called in a pro,
who should come to our assistance this afternoon.

Linda Cunningham

I, too, have been waiting anxiously for my MS&WF catalogue -- I have this lovely collection of them stretching back to the first one I went to in 1995. They've followed me up here from suburban VA, and it's not spring without it.

(Plus it came in handy last year when I actually *went* and even entered the garment competition, so I'm assuming that I'm still on the list for this year.)


Thanks for the tip on this book Deb! I've always enjoyed going to MDS&W as well as Rhinebeck (although we definitely get to Rhinebeck more often as you can see from our Video Podcast Let's Knit2gether)
Looking forward to making some of the projects as a memory of these festivals

Deb Robson

Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed it! Rhinebeck is great. Maybe next year. . . .


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