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February 26, 2009


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donna Druchunas

Your printer doesn't have a USB connection?


Whenever I blog a story like this -- admittedly, I encapsulate the experience in a different manner than you -- I usually get a dozen cheery comments that read

"Buy a Mac"

But you already have one, anyway.

Deb Robson

It does have a USB connection. I have to rearrange the office (by climbing under and behind the desk) to hook/rehook. It's amenable to a PERMANENT solution, but not quick temporary fixes.

Deb Robson

Hi, Ted:

Yes, thank heaven I have a Mac. It is *WORKING*. That's why I have not pulled out all my hair (situation can't turn my hair gray: previous events already did). I just need either a way to dock the laptop at the main workstation (coming, but $$) *or* another Mac to replace the main workstation ($$$$).

I have defined which "other" Mac I need down there in the main office: iMac, bumped up to 4GB RAM. 320GB standard hard drive is fine, and no need for mega-big monitor.

Deb Robson

I got the MacBook as an experiment, and out of desperation, in November: there has GOT to be a better way. There is. The challenge is *how much* software and other materials I need to replace, and the logistics of transferring all aspects of the business to a different platform. It's a big deal.

And I am so grateful that there is an option, and I have this small but pleasantly functional tool (MacBook) to fill in some of the gaps while I'm thinking through the transition and making it, gradually, happen.

I got Creative Suite for the Mac last week and have loaded half of it onto the laptop. There's not enough power here to run the whole thing well, but I have a toehold.


Dear me. I don't know if you read my blog on a similar craziness -- http://dancepulse.wordpress.com/2009/01/24/158/
Less detail, but no less frustration. End result -- eventually Dell sent me a human, who fixed the input jack (physically broken into 2 pieces) by replacing the mother board and undercasing (mother board necessary... human fixer-person wondered why they sent the undercasing but dutifully installed it). Things have been working since. Good luck!


In the past 23 years we have had (among 3 family members) 5 Dell computers and one HP. The HP was always a nightmare. The dells have never been a problem.

I do know people who have had dell problems, but nothing like the hell we had with the hp. shrug

Deb Robson

One brownie point for HP: A few minutes ago, FedEx delivered the OS installation disks. Now all I need is two days. . . .

I have had Dells that have been fine and Dells that required CPR. Also Gateways. I *still* have an old Dell as a backup machine (it could no longer haul the load I asked it to bear, though, on a regular basis).

Deb Robson

Meg, gad. Maybe we should put cement boots on your computer and my computer and send them on a long walk off a short dock.

Linda Cunningham

After reading this bizarre saga, I now have a burning need to go knit.

Maybe next time you go through this sort of misadventure, you could make origami cranes out of the pages instead of just ripping them to shreds?

It's a thought.... : - )


Oh, Deb! I'm sorry to hear this is happening again! I prescribe a visit to your nearest fiber producing animal. (therapy by way of petting) Then, lots of knitting.

(my brain hurts after reading this post!)


Just dialing the phone to call tech support makes me cry. Any tech support anywhere. I know what's coming...

Try to find a balance between taking deep breaths and hyperventilating.
Good luck!


Everybody hates Vista. Microsoft doesn't want to support XP. Therefore XP attempts suicide annually at Christmas time, so you will buy yourself a Vista box.

I'm not girly enough for a Mac and no longer geek enough for Unix, so this year I gave in.

There *is* a way around it, and that is to use XP *Professional*. Microsoft *has* to continue to support that because nobody will use Vista in their offices.

Deb Robson

I'm on XP Pro, for sure. On all the machines. . . . Except the Mac. I was running Fedora on my old laptop (replaced by the MacBook experiment).

Friends are coming over tomorrow (serious geek friends) to try things involving virtual machines and partitions and tracking down DLL conflicts, with the intent of possibly sidestepping the brain-wipe.

Janice in GA

Honey, you're snake-bit with those Windows computers, aren't you??? Much sympathy.

FTR, we've had good luck with our HP devices (printer, computer, camera), and had such a bad experience with Dell that I'd think long and hard before EVER buying another. But the plural of anecdotes is not data. :)

I'm still trying to get up enough nerve to put Linux on something.


You have earned several stars in heaven for not taking it down the road and exploding it in front of HP, as some of would have That said, if there's anything, including loaning you my desktop Mac, I can do, let me know..

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