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February 28, 2009


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donna Druchunas

"I just learned that my sister recently started a blog (and has been having computer problems)"

Oh my, it's not a family curse, is it?

donna Druchunas

I have a win virtual machine on my Mac and networking it with the Mac and the other Win machines on the workgroup in our house was completely seamless and easy to set up.

Partitions are much easier -- it just makes c: d: e: drives and so forth. But not as protected. Still, you should probably always partition the data separate from the applications (no, I don't follow this advice either, but it is good advice)....

donna Druchunas

P. S. I'm running Parallels and WinXP on my Mac.


Oh my, I didn't know that video was out there! Anyway, thanks for mentioning me -- I had a spike in my stats chart today! :-)

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