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January 03, 2009


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Your goals all sound attainable to me! One thing about having pets...they motivate us to vacuum! Oh, and since I pile clean laundry from the basket onto a bed and Nikki Cat likes to lie on that bed to inhale the freshness, Nikki tends to motivate me to put away the clothes! (Notice I wrote 'tends'....) Happy New Year!

Deborah Robson

On the cat and the laundry: yep, either put it away, or have to wash it all over again! Now, *there's* a waste!

And happy new year to all. I am liking the look of 2009.


Heh. "Unrealistic optimism" could totally describe my plans, every single day. :)


Well, Unrealistic Optimism is better than no optimism at all...

Nailed me, too. But optimism in any form is better than falling into malaise. I just keep telling myself 'I'll get to that today' - as long as I don't feel bad that it doesn't happen, what harm does it do?
And I thought clean laundry was supposed to have cat hair on it...

Deborah Robson

*Clean* cat hair . . . oops, that means washing the cat. . . .

Linda Cunningham

We live in a "no pets" building, so any problems with cat or dog hair are moot here. : - )

I'd like to average finishing one book each month: the first year, I did three; last year, I did six; I have three pretty much plotted out now, so there is hope for the first quarter, at least.

There were lots of things I wanted to get done over the holidays as well (and we didn't go anywhere!), but I've still got them sitting on my "to-do" list. With luck, I'll get one done today, and maybe one or two more by the end of the week.

And if I get really frustrated, I can pick up work on my shawl....



I count vaccuuming as a workout!

Kristi aka FiberFool

I think that about describes me and my days as well!


Now that reading this post has me exhausted, I'll go take a nap! Seriously, one thing that's helped here in chaosland is the rule of 3--3 things put away, 3 minutes of whatever evil thing needs done, then 6 minutes of reward. Amazing how the hyperactive hamster of my life slows down a bit with this...usually....

Susan J Tweit

Hmmm. And people say I get a lot done every day--not compared to you, Deb! I think that we each have a pace that suits us, and we structure our lives and the spaces where we live and work to accommodate that pace. And maybe those of us who take in more stimulus either move faster because of all the energy it gives us, or get completely "tapada," a Spanish word that means, well, blocked, and then grind to a halt completely.

Deborah Robson

Me, I'm about to fall over into bed. How much I accomplish depends a lot on the day. Today was a barn-raiser (fortunately not a barn-burner).

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