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January 16, 2009


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I'm SO relieved for you but I know you're not completely there yet. Not until you see the proofs, anyway. Congratulations on a long and complicated book-birthing.

(That sounds weird but I'm told publishing a book is like having a baby, right?)


Three cheers for today! I do so hope your proofs will be perfect! What a nice-sounding coffee shop. Wish I were closer. Hope you definitely get to celebrate tonight.

Donna Druchunas

Yay! Champagne!


Whew! Finally! What good news about the book. What a relief. I hope everything is easier from here on out. I also hope that Catalyst Coffee has its miracle. You deserve to have such a good neighborhood coffee joint...no matter what the economy.


Oh boy, another book to add to my collection - congrats and breathe breathe breathe.

And oh no re:Catalyst! I hate to hear this. I always think of Kristi and the knitters on Monday nights there. If only I lived close enough to be regular... CC gets a donation from me.


Just ordered both books - thanks for all the hard work and stress!!


I think I can hear your sigh of relief all the way up here!
You scared me with that skipping-proofs talk. The horror!

Deborah Robson

My daughter and I walked the dogs up to Catalyst yesterday and dropped some money into their piggy bank. I took the back-up bill from the hidden pocket in my wallet. She took her tips from one of her jobs.

What we've heard so far about the fundraiser is: (1) They raised $3500. This is a HUGE help. (2) Two people have come forward as potential investors. and (3) They will probably close for a week to re-do their business plan and figure out what comes next.

THEN we hope they re-open for the regulars as well as all the new folks who came in to say, "We just found you. You can't stop now."

This reminds me of rent parties of the 1920s: even when none of us has much money, we can all keep going if we support each other. Especially best if we have parties while we're doing it.


Now that I have a blog, I'd love to be part of the Ethnic Knits blog tour


Oh frabjous joy! Oh glorious day! Happy! Happy! Happy! I'm going to order 3! Oh, yum! What fun for me and the folks I'm surprising with the books. Congratulations, bubble bath, great wine, a glorious foot massage, and at least virtual time on a beach with NO interruptions!

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