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November 29, 2008


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Long-time Mac user here...about the shortcut to the Applications folder inside a program folder, that one's easy to explain. An application programmer, probably from Adobe (cuz they're an easy target!), programmed something clever without looking at how users do things instinctively. A lot of disk images come with two things in them, the application package (a special kind of folder you're no doubt familiar with from the Linux world) and a shortcut to the Applications folder. So, the way that they expect you to actually install the program is to drag the application package into that shortcut. However, what users have gotten conditioned to do is to drag the entire contents of the disk image that they downloaded into the Applications folder, which they may have in the sidebar or in a separate window.

As a general rule of thumb, you can trash any shortcut (alias) that you don't want. Just make sure that it is, in fact, an alias (highlight it, do Get Info, and make sure it's a small file described as an alias!).

Deborah Robson

Oh, MANY thanks, Alice. This isn't Adobe, but I have learned (from my books) that Adobe is apparently notorious for not designing its install procedures to Mac specs.

Will play around with Get Info.

Thanks, too, to Doug and Judy for private-comment encouragement.

On I go. Oh, guess I'd better do yoga, eat breakfast, and walk the dogs first. I've been up for hours and what have I accomplished? Installed a widget on the dashboard that I now want to get rid of and can't figure out how to. . . .



That post, although it almost made my brain hurt to decipher it, sounds more optimistic than your posts have sounded in a while! I am hoping that this is the fix you require (and deserve) to keep your wonderful business going strong! Fingers crossed that it continues to provide you with the sanity that should be available to any normal person in their job!!!


You do sound happier. I hope it all continues to go as hoped, and in as smooth a fashion as possible.
What a lot to assimilate!

Deborah Robson

I've been doing my best to stay optimistic throughout all this. It sounds like the stress cracks have been showing anyway {wry grin}.


When I worked at a newspaper in Arizona, we used Macs...which were designed for journalism/publishing/etc. Adobe Illustrator did work. Quark was particularly excellent, though does require a learning curve. I really think you will Love your Mac. I wish I could afford a Mac (laptop) type...right now I'll continue working with my PC as long as it works. My main problem with getting a Mac is that I want to see it in person rather than ordering online and the nearest Mac store is not easuly accessible.

Deborah Robson

Nancy, what you mention is exactly why I ended up at a local dealer in person, kicking tires, and then took one home. A friend had also brought her Mac into town and left it with me one evening while she was at a meeting. That was helpful as well.

Lola LB

I love Love LOVE Quickslivr! The dock has always driven me batty, and I hate having to go to Applications and looking through the hundreds of files in there to open the one app I need. I've barely explored 96% of th Quicksilvr features. I just discovered a manual at the suport group site (http://groups.google.com/group/blacktree-quicksilver/files) and there's also a cheat sheet you can download.

By the way, there's a whole bunch of cheat cheets for whatever you need - this site (http://www.virtualhosting.com/blog/2008/the-cheat-sheet-cheat-sheet-top-100-lists-of-web-development-cheat-sheets/) is a great resource.

Lola LB

Oh, one other thing to watch out for - logic board issues with MacBooks. While MacBooks are certainly usable, some of the parts used in MacBooks are cheaper (hence, the lower prices) and sometimes problems do arise. I'm a programmer, so I go for the more expensive models for the speed and larger memory.

Donna Druchunas

I've had my MacBook for a while now and have not had any problems with it, although I did have some problems with my previous iBook.

Anyway, I downloaded Scrivener and I love it. I've also been using WriteRoom, which is much simpler but provides a fullscreen window for writing. When I'm just writing from scratch, creating a first draft, it is absolutely wonderful. I love the Scrivener features for managing a big project. I'm importing the memoir that I'm working on and will be using it for all future books. The organizational features are fabulous.


You go, grrl. Looks like it's already clear you did the right thing.

Crossing fingers that it keeps getting better. It's your turn.


hmmm... you make the world of macs sound so enticing. I haven't had any problems with my Adobe software on my PC system and have watched your woes with a little trepidation. I am about to leave the academic world and have the opportunity to purchase last minute items at the academic price. You've now got me wondering if it would be worth it to jump to the world of mac. I probably won't do it, since my system isn't broken, but I am intrigued....

Kristi aka FIberFool

It's fun to watch you progress. It renews my excitement for own computer (which I hid from for days this past weekend, not because the computer was giving me fits though). Drew uses Jounaler. You've got me intriqued about Spaces. I really got to make the time to get installed on my larger hard drive so I'm running 10.5 :-)

Susan J Tweit

Welcome to the Mac world! I've had a Mac since they first appeared back in the mid-80s because they work the way my mind works: meshing the two side of my brain, which truly are worth more when they work together! Because I have a Mac, I know how to record my own podcasts and radio commentaries; because I have a Mac, I can design and maintain my own web site (yup, working on a re-design now); because I have a Mac, I'm doing a new mini-brochure as a calling card to show all of my books; because I have a Mac, I think in type design instead of just in words. I know your brain is on overload right now, but I think you've made the right move. Keep exploring. . . .


Dearest Deb,
The image is reversed because looking into the camera lens is like looking into a mirror! Now then, if you were to take a picture of one of your most excellent pups, it would come out right.

You're doing extremely well, and learning, as usual, at an exponential rate!


Oh, boy. Susan's comment's really got me thinking...

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