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November 21, 2008


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Janet Szabo

Welcome to the dark side. As a Mac user since 1985, I've got it pretty well covered, so if you have questions, PLEASE let me know. :-)

Donna Druchunas

Don't worry, the mac is much easier than the PC. The main transition is getting used to the cmd and option keys instead of ctrl and alt. And you use cmd for almost everything, and it's easier to reach than the alt key, so less strain on the fingers.

If you have any questions about OSX or whatever, let me know. I have Tiger, but Leopard info is easy enough to find.

Nautical Knitter

Mine arrives on Tuesday! I have held out this long, but with designing and blogging, I had to make the switch. Enjoy yours!!


Oh dear, mind-bending indeed. Good luck - I'm sure you'll overcome it!


I have only ever used a Mac. No, I take that back - I had to deal with Windows 2000 once and it was so buggy I was driven insane. And I quit that job.

I hope you will find your laptop suitable. I find the Mac operating system, whatever the name, to be understandable and intuitive.

Also, notice directions for adding a printer. Twelve pages for Windows, half a page for a Mac.

Linda Cunningham

I bought my first Mac in 1988, and although I've had clients who said "oh, you have to buy a PC to do this job," I never have, and they never knew the difference.

Um, until now. ; - )

That being said, I've used both, and still prefer working on a Mac, even my now creakingly old G3 iMac, which had its seventh birthday last month.

You'll love it, Deb: trust us!


We are a mixed marriage--he has a Mac, I have a PC. We find that some things are better on one, and some on the other, and sometimes, those little key stroke differences can drive one insane. In any case, congratulations on making this big shift in your life! You are growing and learning from it--and gosh, it looks like you'll have lots of support from friends while making the transition! (and some very good fingerless mitts...!)


I'm glad you didn't give up. Yes, it seems everyone who has a mac loves it and in time learns how to intuitively fix things that Windows people can't do for themselves.

The keystrokes with CMD are easy to switch over to. The absence of a DEL key that went the other way made me crazy, but there are so many "extensions" you can add to a mac that maybe you can fix that as well.

I am really used to using a keyboard to acces my menu bar, did't find a way to do that but again I think extensions must be out there.

In the end, a mac won't crash as much. It's just the price of switching, ouch! I coulda done it a year ago and in the end probably I should have.

But this way I could buy new software one at a time, after the computer was paid. If I'd done mac I'd have had to buy software and machine at the same time which was pretty impossible.

CS2 in a wrapped box was hard to find and still $900. At least I could wait to find a copy, I didn't have a deadline for that install.

Best of luck, and enjoy those handwarmers!

Donna Druchunas

PS. if you do need windows for something, you can use parallels and run it on the mac. Since you have a plethora of windows machines hanging about, you probably won't need this solution. :-)


I feel your pain, my sister. But you are far braver than I am: I finally succumbed to Vista (I'm convinced that XP Home is configured to commit suicide just before the winter gift-buying season); it is very Mac-ish and I hate it with a consuming passion.

Whenever I had to sit at a Mac in my graphics-drone days, I was grateful to get home to my "real" computer...

David Pogue

Glad you're getting some use out of my "Switching" book!

Just so you know: use the Delete key by itself when you want Backspace. Add the Fn key (lower-left corner of the keyboard) to turn the Delete key into a FORWARD delete key.

Hope this helps!


Deborah Robson

David: Thanks for the note. Your book taught me the Fn-DEL combination earlier this afternoon {grin}. I won't make it through all near-600 pages by the time the library wants it back, so I had my favorite bookstore employee (daughter) order a copy for me at our local independent bookstore this afternoon. And I am delighted to have the library copy to use until the one I'll read with a highlighter in hand arrives.


I will have to say, I'm very proud of you! You managed the initial transition with minimal mental hives!
Quick story: back when I made my living by being a temp, I would routinely take work home from whatever ::shudder:: PC I was supposed to use, and do it on my Mac, then bring it back in the morning. One boss finally caught on--and converted to Mac, as he'd spent the cost of 2 Macs on PC tech support in one year.

Kristi aka FIberFool

As you know, I made that same leap almost 2 years ago now. I'm not running a Pro either, though I don't work with as large of layout files as you :-) But feel free to ask me questions if you need. I'm sure between myself and Drew we can answer most of them.

Deborah Robson

I am really appreciating all the offers of help! I'll call on you folks as I proceed.


I admire your perseverance!
Both my daughters have gone the Way of the Mac, but I'm still living in PC World.
I remember in early versions of Windows, I had to exit out to DOS to get the computer to do what I wanted - Windows wouldn't let me...


I'm coming back to this post. I'm in the market for a new laptop and am completely besotted by a fellow knitter's MacBook. Now you!?

My decision is complicated by the fact that I live with a Windows software developer. Giving up in-house tech support. Not so easy.

Will want to read everything!

Deborah Robson

Leslie, I'll have a series of posts here for you. I hope they will make your transition easier. Despite my current frustration, I think you need a Mac. If only for Scrivener and Journler.

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