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November 02, 2008


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I hope Janel reads this because I got her calendar just before leaving home...and I too love it. It will go just above my computer in my office, and I can't wait to look at it every day. I was most impressed by the way she handled Jewish holidays (the right way!) by saying "X holiday starts at sundown today." Those images gave me a lot of joy just before I hopped in the car to drive a long long way.

I'm off to go learn more about this yarn; thanks for writing the post that I would have done too if I'd been a little less distracted!

Linda Cunningham

I took my dishcloth bag when I worked our provincial election earlier this year and actually knit the first half of one when it was dead quiet in the afternoon -- I figured I'd be too busy for the federal one (and was) and never bothered to even pack the bag.

What I really enjoyed was the reaction of both election workers and the few voters we had, to my project -- it wasn't dissimilar to the reaction I get when spinning in public, especially from teenaged guys, who seem utterly fascinated with the whole process.


Donna Druchunas

I just ordered this calendar, thanks for posting the pictures. I really want to do some spinning next year. My theme for 2009 is SLOW IS GOOD!


Deborah Robson

Joanne: Glad you've got a calendar, too, and good move to order one, Donna. I didn't say that about it: in addition to being beautiful, it's a constant reminder to stop and smell the clean fiber {grin}.

Linda, I've been taking notes on your and other folks' suggestions about managing the judging situation. And I've been setting my personal bedtime clock back a bit every night, in preparation for tomorrow morning. . . .


Tracy's spindles are absolutely superb, and be sure you get a SpindleSafe for storage. Tell him I told you to get one.


Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments about the calendars, the comments just make my day. Especially thanks to Deb for highlighting the calendar so thoughtfully and enthusiastically!

And special thanks to everyone who ordered a calendar, it helps to keep Spindlicity up and running!

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