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October 28, 2008


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I got to hear Hilary Clinton in Kentucky right before her candidacy ended. The line was ridiculously long. Instead, I stood just beyond the enormous boundary and listened to her speak. I could see her head bobbing. That was enough for me.

It's funny, growing up near DC, I didn't realize how often I saw "major" politicians in person and what a big deal it was. To me, they were carpool dads, annoying traffic jams for motorcades, or people I jostled while at some function or other. I just didn't realize. I was so blase about the whole thing that when offered a chance to see a president up close? I chose to stay back at the DC office I interned at and answered the phone. My response? He puts on his pants one leg at a time; then his motorcade really clogs up traffic near the office! Now that I live in the hinterlands, I understand better that what I experienced was "special."


I've seen Biden, many times. He spoke at my daughter's high school graduation. Delaware being such a small state, he's been seen often by us folks.

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