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October 02, 2008


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Janice in GA

Thanks for the heads-up re the video (hilarious) and Spindlicity!

Every day I see a post from you, I cross my fingers that it's good computer news. I continue to live in hope. :)


Like Janice, I'm always hoping to read that you have good computer news to share.

Pardon me video is so funny and clever. Loved it!

Linda Cunningham

I'm jealous that you're able to carve out physical time and mental space to read something, or perhaps that should be "anything."

By the end of my day, no matter what (knit, spin, bind, write, etc.) I've been doing, about the most intellectual thing I can do is watch "Jeopardy" or BBC News. Focussing on written words just isn't possible....

Deborah Robson

Lack of access to any cable channels (and bad reception on the few broadcast options) does help with the reading "focus."

There are lots of *types* of books I can't handle before bed. So I have to be picky.

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