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October 14, 2008


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Beautiful camisole! ..and an eight whole yards left over. Whew. Cutting it close! (I do this all the time...)

About Taos, you've now explained another mystery to me. We wondered why nothing electric seemed to work up there. Now we know! Good to know too that there is help when one needs it. The aspens are indeed vibrantly yellow! and I always wondered what they looked like, as I've never been in your neck of the woods at the right time of year to see it. Thanks for the images!


Eight yards? Score! How nice when physical things go right. I know you are delighted.

I've cast on just tonight for a Teva Durham Ballet Tee top, at 2.5 st/in. Thank goodness I have a self-image that I'm thin and curvy, because it will add inches.

I just need an instant gratification project. Two people on Ravelry posted they did it in 7 hours or less, one said 5 hours.

I had to hold 4 yarns together, three turquoise and one hot green. (Two are Lavold silky wool, one is socks that rock medium/DK and one cotton/acrylic sockyarn.) It's gorgeous fabric and fun to touch, even if the end project is impractical.

Unfortunately, my wrists don't like fat yarn so I have to rest and not do a marathon. Fortunately, I have to rest my knitting, because there is so much else to do.

Love your photos, glad you got away. Amazing about the temps. We had warm mid-to-high 70s last week, will get frost warnings tomorrow night. My tomatoes are just starting to look really promising, too. Sigh. I'll cover 2 of them with a cloth and bring the small one in to the unheated entry/mud room, and hope they do OK.

The aspen are pretty. We have sugar maples here, just gorgeous and hot orange right now. Really beautiful. At least the colors are good as the sun sneaks away...




Your camisole vest is great. I look forward to see it in person. I too have a habit of not following the directions and doing my own thing, but that can be tricky, and I often get into trouble.

Cheers on getting this finished and having it be such a success



Is the cami for you or R? Must see it on the hoof.

So missing Taos this year. It's been wonderful spending time in the Wet Mountain Valley, but there's something about Taos in the fall.

Looking forward to more NM travel posts.

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