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September 01, 2008


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Empathy, thoughts, prayers, anything that could help!? More zucchini bread... This too will pass...

Dang, this is beyond patience can bare!


Oh Deb, I'm *so* sorry for all the troubles and frustration - good throughts that it gets better! Lovely spindle and yarn.

Janice in GA

Wow. How horribly frustrating. I wish I had a fix for you, but I'm clueless here.

Total WAG: I'm assuming you have lots of memory in the affected computer(s), yes? Any way to tell if the memory is all working correctly?

Linda Cunningham


Those dingbatted paragraphs are too frighteningly familiar -- I once had a contract job, printing out PDFs on demand to some high-end B&W laser printers and cerloxing them.

Invariably, when there was a large rush order (twenty copies of a seventy-page document, for example), I'd add the document to the queue and visit the printer ten minutes later to discover every single page was covered with dingbats.

Legions of IT geeks later, the cause was determined to be "Windows issues." (sigh)

I found swearing at it helped, though -- not in getting everything out, but for my peace-of-mind.


Deborah Robson

Lotsa RAM. All the RAM the OS is capable of recognizing. All checked and re-checked and double-checked and then, just in case, checked.

It's not just dingbats that are substituting. I've had other fonts showing up. However, they tend to be BLUE almost all the time. I do have a blue swatch. There is blue in the book. Just not *there*. . . .



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