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September 27, 2008


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Linda Cunningham

Neat bridge -- I love finding stuff like that when I'm out exploring too. What does surprise me a bit is that someone hasn't come along and tried to detach some of the wire cabling and other bits to sell for scrap. (Or am I missing something in the pictures?)

It's becoming so rampant here that someone was found dead in an electrical cable manhole here a few months ago, having been electrocuted while trying to cut a live connection. He was discovered when the neighbourhood where it happened had a rather abrupt power outage....

Deborah Robson

Yikes about the wire-stealing fatality.

Nah, nobody's messed with the bridge. There's lots easier-to-obtain scrap around here, if anyone were so inclined. A scrap-collector could probably get people to give it away officially, just to clean it out of the way.


Love rook-y sweater/vest/mystery object. It's knitting up beautifully and I especially like the double rows of cables.

Love the photos of your bike ride.

Hate the further bad news re the computer problems!


I miss seeing prairie dogs. I had kind of forgotten about them. We had lots in southern California. Not so many in downtown Seattle.


Wonderful post. Love the photos, the images which let me take the trip with you. Love the sign.

So sorry 'bout the computer stuff. I rebuilt a new menu system for my Y2K database client Friday and it almost worked.

Started over with a totally different Plan B this morning and luckily it seems to be just fine. Hassle but fine in the end.

At this point I'm seeing the digression to help a former client, as an unexpected income source. I'm grateful. Glad it's over, but grateful.

The client has always valued me very much, and treated me well. They pay quickly and without complaint. So "Happily Ever After" here, I wish you the same.


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