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September 22, 2008


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That's an impressive amount of green you've got there given the climate. I'm surprised your backyard isn't all brown! Lovely flat big yard!

So, you don't have too much to do as it is? Are you really thinking about taking care of a garden or whatever it is that your backyard might be turned into? Seriously? Last I checked, there were only 24 hours in a day and I figure you're already using most of them. Where will you find the time?

Deborah Robson

Hi, Dina: NO, I am NOT going to take care of the garden! The point is that I supply the place, someone else provides the work/seeds/and so on. Deb


I have long thought this was a great idea! I will be excited to see if it comes to fruition in your yard.:) In the meanwhile, I took time off on a sunny day to go to the farmer's market, library, and get a haircut. It is amazing how a few hours off can restore one's well being. I am now going to attempt to do some work outside..to soak up some more sunshine. Your suggestion to me was right on,too--a couple of naps and good nights' sleep later, I am beginning to feel more chipper!


Just checking in. I've been behind on a lot of blog reading lately and so I just caught up with you for about a month. Things are busy. SOAR is coming and I have lots to do before I leave. Love you book sketches and I love reading about your putting it all together.

The gardening...I have not one inch of sunny patch in my yard. I'd better rent some space from the neighbor:-)


If your SPIN effort would like some good 1/1/1 mulch, the llamas are producing it in mass quantities that could easily be gathered for use in soil amendment!

Tell me more about the effort--now that I can picture where the non-pasture areas might be, it would be great to join!

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