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September 18, 2008


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Love the dogs and the scenery. Thanks for identifying the rabbitbrush - just as I wondered what it was, there was the answer. Sending lots of virtual baling wire and duct tape!


Oh, that looks like such a good day for dogs! (and humans, by extension) While it is a pain to have a loose dog in the neighborhood, Jasmine looks like a delight...and two extra walks a day might help her out! I wonder how long it will be before she spends more time in your yard than the neighbor's?

I'm jealous about your farm pond access. I think my dogs could really do with some more stimulation. On the work front, I will be rooting for you and your little homemade airplane metaphor!


Hello, I arrived at your site via
"Community of the Land". I have been through a similar situation with a neighborhood dog who is a canine version of Houdini. I am wondering where you are located? We have lots of rabbitbush here in the Sonoran Desert but I don't think this is where you are.

Lindy in AZ (formerly of Salida, CO)

Linda Cunningham

Knock on electronic wood for the files. (It's too hard to type with crossed fingers!)

Jasmine's a beauty -- seems like you've been adopted.... ;-)


Jasmine's owners are very very lucky they have such great neighbors willing to retrieve their dog for them! She seems too wonderful to chance losing or getting hit by a car. You'd think this happened often enough for her owners to take action!
It's so good of you to get water therapy for your older dog and the flotation device - wonderfully careful of you! I love that.


Ariel is so lucky to have an owner who cares enough to seek out a place where she can swim for her arthritis. One of our Border Collies had arthritis in her shoulder and it never seemed to slow her down or even bother her, but the slight limp was painful to see. She lived with it for the last 3 years of her life (she lived to be 16½) and she absolutely refused to swim! Glad Ariel is more sensible. Tussah and Ariel are just beautiful!

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