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September 02, 2008


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Donna Druchunas

The garden looks great! We can't skip another year. I really miss it (even though I was gone for all of July).


Oy. Honey. I wish I could reach through the screen and give you a hug. Good thing you are knitting, spinning, gardening,combing, and doing all sorts of other restorative activities. I actually joined you in the nap escape this afternoon. I was seized by exhaustion (proofreading, it is exhausting) and an hour later? I woke up. I'm so sorry to hear about this computer nonsense. It sounds like it could ruin one's how life outlook. I'm also even sorrier that I didn't read your blog for a few days so I didn't post a nice note sooner. I'm also really glad Donna lives closer by, so she can take you out to eat. I'm close to hopping on an airplane so I can take you out myself! Good luck. I hope it gets better.


OK, that was .."I woke up. Ooops." and "ruin one's WHOLE life outlook." I guess I am still pretty tired!

Janice in GA

Half the battle is getting a support person to SEE an intermittent problem. So you should be making progress!

We realized earlier this summer that one of my dogs has been stealing tomatoes off my plants. Bad dog!


Wow. Thank goodness for physical things like tomatoes and wool.

I thought that losing 3+ weeks of knitting (must rip a stranded-knitting bag intended for an Interweave Knits advertisement, because of a huge mistake) and a non-syncing palm pilot (actually it syncs but not with Outlook) were a problem. I would say my problems just plain do not count. No problems at all, not me.

I had the great pleasure of un-installing Word2007 this weekend. And installing Word2003 instead, which makes me more than happy.

I understand a lot of what you are going through, though I've never worked with font management at all... styles based on styles based on styles I understand, and things that change without me telling them to have happened to me. But not in InDesign.

I am on your team, though I'm virtually useless. Except for good vibes I can't help at all.

Enjoy those tomatoes and that yarn you made.



Yes, nap! Naps are good! I'm a firm believer in them. Though I'm not at all envious of these problems you've been having (I'd be a nervous wreck by now and incapable of making any sense), I AM envious of mid-week, mid-day, nap-taking!

Enjoy and may the Goddess of Computers and InDesign especially, resolve all your techie issues. Or at least, may that tech support guy figure it out!

Sending good warm vibes halfway cross the country to you....


OMG. I cannot believe the magnitude of problems you're having. I've been through the technology wringer with computers myself, but usually that was at work, where there were tons of engineers to help, and other computers to move to while they figured out what was wrong. I guess this wouldn't help you either, since it's the file, not the computer, causing the problem.

Hang in there, and take the time to pet a dog. Pet therapy gets me through the tough days.


Gorgeous, sweet homegrown tomatoes aside, computer troubles like yours would have me digging out my entrails with my double points. The horror. The horror.

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