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September 05, 2008


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Wow, your InDesign problems have me tearing MY hair out! What a nightmare to have such a weird problem hosing your files ;-) I hope tech support can actually help you. Have you tried installing a new copy of the software, i.e not re-installing, but an actual new copy (I think Adobe should give you a new copy if they can't make your old one work)? Or are you trying to avoid having to do that...

Seriously, I really love posts like these because I learn so much. For example I just learned how you organize your images in a document. At first I thought "geez, why does she go to all that work to position, name, rename, list out, double check etc. all of the images" and then it slowly dawned on me... hmmm... that's actually a pretty smart system! (sometimes the old lightbulb takes a while to get up to full bright). And then again, I learned about that great InDesign blog which I'm now subscribed to. And I also learned about that cool style sheet script, which I haven't needed yet but may need any day now.

Thanks Deb, you're an inspiration!

Deborah Robson

Hi, Janel:

I've reinstalled the software from the original disks several times on several machines (including reformatting the hard drives). Adobe has not provided a new disk, and if I buy another one it will be for a Mac. Which I don't own. The shift of platform and software is way beyond my reach right now.

I'm really glad you are learning things. That's part of why I'm writing these. I am pretty methodical in my working methods, in part because I have done this kind of work for a very, very long time, and I know how to prevent many disasters.

I also have learned how to think my way out of many corners and boxes, and I'm hoping that by documenting this I'll help others see that. I learned it the hard way; perhaps other folks can take a shortcut.

That said, this is the sort of corner/box right now that seems to be impossible. I've seen them before and gotten out. Another reason I am writing is because having people send good thoughts and notes like yours helps me keep my courage up.

I'm delighted to provide any inspiration and ideas that I can.

The InDesign blog is *fantastic,* by the way.


OMG, I hope you got the helpful tech guy's name & extension? Have you asked Adobe to supply you with a new (hopefully) bug-free disk? Maybe that's the answer if you kept re-installing from the original disks. Perhaps those are messed up?

You're so smart I'm sure you already thought of these questions...

Sending you happy working computer software vibes...

Janet Szabo

Oh, thank you thank you thank you for the link to that script! I've been looking for something similar.

I don't have the ID issue that you do (mine is the Mac version) but ID in CS3 still does weird layout things that have me scratching my head. I don't remember having these issues with ID in CS2.

Janice in GA

Whoa, I had no idea that formatting for printing was so complex. I mean, I knew from your issues that it was complicated, but I see it's actually COMPLICATED FER REAL.

And I'd always assumed the spelling was dumbfounded, but I see that's only an alternate spelling.


This post explains the screaming I thought I heard the other day. (wry, wry g>Deb, dear heart, I am now planning an appropriately insane celebration WHEN you get this book out the door!

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