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August 24, 2008


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Alyce Barry

Deb, I'm grateful for your wonderful photo essays during your trip. I've particularly enjoyed the photos of Wyoming and the seashore and have saved several to my desk saver. When I moved to Colorado from Illinois in 2003, I drove through a corner of Wyoming and fell in love with the windswept grasslands. I had never seen such long vistas free of trees. And it was so clearly a good spot for wind farms that I'm glad farmers there have more to sell there these days than hay.


Thank you for taking us along on this vacation! These are parts of the country that I've never seen from a car. Thank you for showing them to us! I've recently decided that car trips (especially when driving) are sort of restful. All those hours in the car? You can't be doing anything but looking at the window, sitting on your bottom, driving, knitting, reading or snoozing in the backseat. Good way to recharge one's batteries!

Janice in GA

Since I live in the (relatively) wet east, I tend to forget that HUGE portions of the US are not covered in trees and greenery. Flying over the west and pictures like yours remind me of how much treeless land is out there.

I love my eastern forests.


Thanks for sharing. You can spread the fuel usage across all the people who enjoyed the trip through your blog. I'm from the west (Lewiston, ID) and I love open lands. When I hear someone say 'it's a boring drive', I'm pretty sure I'll love the terrain. I think it's operatic.

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