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August 29, 2008


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For all online backup, file sharing and storage related info, I recommend this website:


Deborah Robson

Looks like a great site, Ann. Thanks. And it also looks like I've got at least one of the right systems in place: my online backup.


Aren't all these modern contraptions supposed to make our lives easier?


Easier? Well, maybe, but we humans then turn around and make them complex! My own computer is suffering from age -- just yesterday it rebooted up after a sudden power cutoff and suddenly would not show anything on the monitor. It worked during boot up; it worked in safe mode, but there was only black screen in regular mode. It came back, but, well, it just confirms me in the thought that I need a new computer fairly soon.


Hello Deb - Mom (Kris) asked me to touch base with you on the computer issues. If you still need/want some help, send me an email and I'll do my best to work through the issues.

Best wishes,

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