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August 15, 2008


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Donna Druchunas

Great post. You wouldn't believe what stuff needs to be done in Lithuania. I was talking to a guy in my class from Spain, and he said Spain was really poor and just like Lithuania is now about 20 years ago, but the EU dumped money into the economy like there was no tomorrow and the entire country turned around. Now they are dumping money into Lithuania and other new EU nations and I hope the results are the same. There's no attitude of investment in infrastructure or the future in America. Everyone has bought into the Republican frame of seeing taxes as a burden. And these giant projects need to be done on a communal level, they can't be done by individuals or private enterprises because they need to belong to everyone. It's sad that we have such a selfish attitude. I've been wondering if it's part of the way we think because of our language. I've noticed that English (and German to some extent) are much more "me" focused languages than other languages i know something about. In Lithuanian you don't say "I have" very much, you just say "there is" and many verbs are naturally passive, they happen to you, you don't instigate the action. It's a very different way of perceiving the world and I've got to wonder how the nature of our language changes the way we view and interact with politics. Especially in America where very few people speak any language besides English. Anyway, that's too long but thanks for the food for thought.


Stunning photos and even better scenery. I SO wish I were there this minute! Enjoy your vacation. It is well-deserved, I know!


Ohh, I too am always impressed by bridges and landscapes. It seems like this vacation is a great break--very good stretch for the mind, these breaks! I do think Donna has a point about communal investments...other countries are making them. (I know Canada is.) The US has to make some of these soon, our infrastructure is falling to pieces!

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