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August 28, 2008


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Linda Cunningham

My Mac is getting to the point where it does, infrequently though, hang, but given it will be seven years old in October, I attribute that to trying to run a few programs and my new printer that really want upgraded hardware.

So long as it doesn't die before I get a book out that's due Monday, I'll be happy.

(Even though I also do letterpress and linocuts, I think I'd stick with the computer for anything of more than five pages or ten copies....)

Deborah Robson

Yeah. I've done letterpress and linocuts, and I love them, but I know exactly how slow they are, by comparison. . . . But since I am looking at close to a year's work here on the edge of a cliff, the problem-solving ideas are reaching very far afield. . . .


I feel your pain! I'm sure your distributor will understand if the book is a bit late but hey - good karma plug that it wont be!

What a week, month, year you've had! I'd have fallen apart a loooong time ago!

Donna Druchunas

I sent 2 responses to this in email. Also, do you need someone to take you out for a nice dinner with a bottle of wine this weekend? If so, call me.

tycho garen

I've been running VM Ware Fusion, this OS virtualization software for intel Mac machines (I think it's 80 bucks retail.) on my Intel mac laptop for a while and I love the way it works. In addition to allowing folk to run operating systems "inside" of encapsulated environments on your system (and also integrating the operating systems pretty well, particularly for windows), it also lets you take snapshots of "known good states," which you can restore and start in under five minutes. Here's one setup:

get a mac, set up windows in a virtualized machine with all the software that you currently own, and save this state as a snapshot so that you can restore the virtualized system to this state if you have any problems. This way you save on buying new software until the next time that you would have bought the new software anyway, and you get this snapshoting ability, which might help your problem.

I'm not nearly as familiar with the virtualization tools for linux, but I think the piece of software is called VM Ware Workstation. I think the open source VM of choice is called Xen (or xen.org), but it's more targeted at running multiple instances of server software on one machine for load balancing, than it is on workstation users.

In terms of the stability question, Linux and OS X are probably on par with each other in just about every way that you or I would ever notice.

As I think about it there are probably virtualization tools that will run inside of windows (XP, to be able to virtualize in Vista you need the top-grade package/version) that would let you encapsulate the crashing programs so that they wouldn't bring down the whole system and/or something that might let you save applications in good working states for backup.

Just thoughts...


Deb, it's a good thing you had something like a vacation before all this. Nobody could remain totally sane with all you are experiencing.

None of my problems seem worth complaining about next to yours. This sounds like old Windows-98 days, where one driver install would make nothing work and you had to reinstall the OS to fix it. Ugh.

Those were the days I fixed computers for my job. I got paid a lot of times to reboot per Microsoft, a zillion times in a day.

I'm sending good vibes from Michigan. I have a hint of what you're going through, and my stomach hurts.

Remember to nurture yourself as much as you can while you are plowing through this stuff. At least drink really good tea while clunking through the deskwork.

I'm SO on your team.

LynnH in Michigan

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