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June 21, 2008


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Thank goodness people like you love this realm so much. I can't even be in the room with an unwashed fleece. Apparently I'm allergic to sheep but not wool. (In any case I'm allergic to the VM... could not be a farm girl if I wanted to.)

Then again, I'm not into dirt (or by association, gardening) much either. I do garden, did it yesterday, but less is more in the dirt department (I love my gloves).

I like flowers enough to do dirt a few times a year, then all I need to do is water and appreciate. Love watching things grow!

On the other hand, I love wool and fleece, and spinning is a joy to me. Fortunately there are folks like you willing to do the work of getting clean wool to market, ready to spin. I make sure to thank them with my greenbacks when possible.

Now, if I could only find time to spin more. I do it when my business is caught up enough to allow an hour of total for-me time. Lately it seems there's always a list of deadlines coming with no wiggle space.

I can go pet my "bumps" of prepared wool, anyway, and knit for my work.

Deborah Robson

Oddly, I'm allergic to wool. But my allergy is mild, and as long as I'm not triggered by *other* allergens, I can play with wool all I want. Sheep, too. I do need to watch out for some of the weeds.

What I love is taking a fleece that looks unpromising and making it beautiful. Washing is such a transformation!

Well, part 2 is nearly written (carding) and I'm working on the photos for part 3. So I'd better get back to it or this series will be another of my unfinished ideas. . . .

Deborah Robson

Oh, my BIG problem is mothballs. *Cannot* be around wool that has been in stored with them. Even airing out for weeks isn't adequate.



You must have been reading my mind about wanting posts like these.


Thank you so much for sharing all this detail! I'm keen to try this myself. I'm going to go read the next steps...

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