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June 26, 2008


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Deborah Robson

Sorry the photos look so dark. They looked far better in the preliminaries.

Amelia G.

Great sample shots of scurf -- cool solution. Would it need to be one of the self-cleaning brushes, or would an older-model dog slicker work as well?

Deborah Robson

An older model dog slicker would work, as long as the teeth had the right combination of stiffness and flexibility. Many of the slickers were too "soft" to do any good with this mohair . . . they might work well for a finer fiber. And you'd want to use something to clean the slicker between batches (possibly the comb that didn't work as well for the fiber itself--!).

Janice in GA

I got some absolutely gorgeous (I thought) mohair a year ago. When I pulled it out, I saw it was all scurfy. :( I was so discouraged, I put it away. Since my Louet mini-combs have come back out of hiding, I'd thought to use them on it, but your solution may work better.

Linda Cunningham

My dog-show friends know that I'll abandon them at shows to check out all the interesting fibre-handling tools at the stands, and regularly come back with a few handles sticking out of my purse.

Apart from the slickers (large flickers) you're showing, I've become enamoured with double-row stiff offset combs. While they don't have the pushbutton cleaning system you've got, they do an amazing job, even doubling as mini-hackles.

My most treasured pair are a bit over 4" wide, bright blue plastic handles with stainless steel teeth, and do a terrific job: the fact that I got them five years ago for $8/each is a bonus. ;-)

As descurfing tools, they can't be beat, and because the teeth are straight and fixed, it's very easy to just whack them on our concrete deck if anything is caught, and move on.

(The photos looked much nicer on the RSS feed than they do on the actual blog, BTW.)


Deborah Robson

I'll have to look for those double-row offset combs. . . . I'm in places where they might appear (for example, the dog show this weekend . . . ).


Definitely not scurf in my fiber.

I'm really intrigued by the push-button release on that comb.

Thanks for this post.


I worked with too much scurfy fiber last year. After a while, I was able to detect scurf presence by the sweetish odor and by the yellowish color when the fleece was washed. I read on one of the yahoogroups spinning lists that lots of vinegar dislodges the scurf. I noticed dyeing helped quite a bit too.

I'll look for the slicker - good post!!

Deborah Robson

Interesting about the odor, Cathy. I can imagine that one would become sensitized to that. Yellowish color wouldn't have shown up on my sparkling gray fiber here! And I can see that anything that would dry out the scurf would help dislodge it. I'm tracking down a different cleansing solution to experiment with. Not that I want to spend the rest of my life (or much of it) figuring out how to deal with scurf. . . . Just some, now and then. . . .

donna druchunas

what is that wool? It's gorgeous.

Deborah Robson

You're right, Donna, the fiber is exquisite. It's colored mohair.

Deborah Robson

I scored some double-row offset combs at the dog show a week or so ago. They were still about $8 each . . . although they also looked like old stock, so I think I was lucky. Blue handles and everything. Now I need to find time to try them out.

Kristi aka fiberfool

Way behind on blog reading (as usual these days), but I thank you for sharing these alternate products that work for you - the dog brush and the cat little box. Fantastic finds!


"double-row offset combs"? I ran a Google-search on those, but didn't come up with a 'hit' that showed that specific thing. Could someone provide an url for where to get those, pretty please?
I'd seen the push-release grooming tool at the local pet supply store, and alllmost got it, but worried that the teeth wouldn't be strong enough. Now I wish I'd done so! But, the combs would definitely be something I'd use - all the time, in fact. Thanks for any/all help ya'll can give! Connie

Deborah Robson

Connie: Here are some options as TinyURLs. The actual URLs are really long.

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