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Deb Robson and Tussah

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June 18, 2008


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Ohhh! She is a brown version of our very own rescue dog - Ben. His fur is just like tussah silk, he is scared of everything including his own shadow and he loooves tummy rubs mornign noon and night. I hope you will all be very happy together
PS he is an escape artist too :-)

Deborah Robson

Hi, Janine: Tussah has been with us for several years. She has her minor inconveniences, like a nose often in places that are awkward (like between human hand and the work it needs to be performing), but we can't imagine life without her. We *have* had to replace almost all of the window screens and train ourselves NEVER to leave a window open--even 2 inches, even in the summer--when all the humans are going to be gone from the house. Fortunately, our work schedules and locations are such that we don't often leave all at once.


It sounds like Tussah just needed to find the right humans for her! She looks so happy in that tummy rub photo; so content. That's what I wish for all dogs--that they find the right safe place for maximum love, security and safety...my dogs are jostling and tussling after a stay at the kennel, but you can just see how glad they are to be home again!


Love the photo - Tussah certainly ended up in the right home! Our Toby [Aussie mix] was picked up roaming in town, and lived at our vet's office until he came home with us. He's definitely Velcro-dog whenever it storms, around July 4th, etc, but also loves tummy rubs and sleeps on his back.


Thanks for a wonderful post about your Tussah. SO glad she found you. A troubled and difficult dog couldn't have found a better home. LOVE the picture - she appears so happy and content.

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