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May 04, 2008


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Karen Frisa

Sorry I didn't see you there! Thanks for the nice photo essay. It's fun to see MD from different perspectives.


Love it! The Cotswold almost looks like it could have been purring.

Betsy Wilson

Dear Deborah,
This really isn't about sheep. But it's May 22, and I wanted to thank you for your postings last year about Deborah Pulliam's death. I worked with her at Jamestown over twenty years ago and formed a friendship that was about history, and knitting, and costume and cooking and many other things. I live in Ohio and was feeling very alone in my grief. Your wonderful comments, the postcard (of which I have my own treasured collection) and the suggestion to sit and knit with a cup of tea, warmed my heart and helped dry my tears. I kept meaning to add my comments to that posting, but could never find the words. Thank you for sharing your grief so eloquently with those of us who were (and are) also grieving.
Betsy Wilson
bwhousehistories [at] hotmail.com

Deborah Robson

I have spent a lot of time over the past month thinking of Deborah Pulliam: my trip to Maine to help out with some of her last days, her leaving us too soon, the birthday she missed celebrating, the sheep and wool festival we would have chatted about. . . . Thanks for writing, Betsy.

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