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April 11, 2008


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Nancy J

The very first thing I noticed was a picture! I am so glad this PC is working well for you (and that the problems with the other one relate to it rather than you!) Will have to check out Maggie's book!

Seth Brady


This is excellent news! I’ve been watching your story closely and am so glad to read that this new machine finally got you what you needed.

Thanks again for your continued patience and support. It’s really great to know that despite the technical hurdles you faced that our Customer Service team was able to help get you through this and on to bigger and better things.

Best of luck with your new book!

Seth Brady


Of course it wasn't you! Don't let yourself think that for a single minute, OK?:)

I'm glad to read this good review. I really love Connie Delaney's "Spindle Spinning from Beginner to Expert" but it can be hard to find. Glad to hear there is something else useful on the market...and also good to hear you sound enthusiastic and happy (about anything) again!


Glad you're up and running again! What a relief that must be! XO

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