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April 14, 2008


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Kristi aka fiberfool

Your thought process is similar to mine. One of the reasons I struggle so much to just a knit a pattern as written :-)


It takes a lot less of that process to turn me right back around and I say, "Well, that pattern is pretty nice just the way it is..."

Daphne's mouse came yesterday, there was a cat family meeting to look it over and then she started throwing it to herself and pushing it under the end table like she does with all her toys. Thanks! Does Little Bit like Pounce treats? I have some unopened jars that I bought when I still had my old cats who liked them, but these guys don't like them. Would Little Bit enjoy them?


I read carefully through your post and at the end realized, hey - that was a 'virtual' trek and somehow satisfying to this random knitter.
Thank you!


I take this virtual knitting journey pretty often. Just as often, I stop myself, pick up a sock, and work on something mindless. I find that these complex projects take so much of my time and energy that I can only do them without all the movies, conversation, radio, etc. Then I hardly ever finish them...I've determined that perhaps they are only good for designs for which I'm getting paid...but sasdly, the easy designs sell better!


I knit the Must-Have Cardi, as written, except I added an I-cord edging and zipper. It's one of my faves.

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