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April 26, 2008


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(Sigh ...) What a wonderful remembrance - thanks so much! And I have a much-loved spindle just like yours from Noel. It's an excellent spinner.


Reading this makes me reminisce about MDs&W! I've been going for years and years (since I was a teenager, so almost 20?) but it is a behemoth these days. Don't be surprised by the crowds. Enjoy Sunday. It's a much lighter crush! I'm likely missing it this year, unless I do some fancy footwork all of a sudden. Too much else going on.

Now, about the rare breeds project..remember, I was in that book? In that "also ran" index in the back...I submitted a Portland wool sweater I'd spun and knit. It looked TERRIBLE on me, but I was so proud of the project, it looked beautiful when I wasn't in it! My next book will include some rare breed stuff. Maybe we should talk?

Deborah Robson

I'd have linked to Noel, except that she is no longer selling those spindles. Paradise Fibers does have them; I am so fond of it that I got a "spare" this year.

The crowds at Maryland look very different from inside a demo booth than they do out in the "public" view! I'm most concerned about that, and also about not being able to use vendor parking {grin}, by which I got very spoiled, even though I like to walk.

Joanne, I didn't know your name to recognize it at the time, but I remember the sweater! I'm sorry it didn't look good on you. It did look good in the judging room . . . the competition for that show was *astonishing*, and the choices were very hard to make. And you get many extra brownie points for even finding Portland to use.

In a way, that show was a kind of scavenger hunt for the entrants, although I hadn't thought of it that way until just now. Those who came up with the rarest breeds should have gotten certificates {grin}.

Yes, we should talk.

By the way, some time check out what you call the "also ran" index at the back. Those are no "also ran" people--! I'd name names, but it wouldn't be fair . . . I'd miss too many. What a wonderful portrait of the spinning community at that time . . . and, to a large extent, folks who are still contributing wonderfully.

Deborah Robson

Linda Berry Walker tells me the seminar at Hampshire College was in 1983. We haven't been in touch in years, but I found her web site and dropped her an e-mail to tell her I was talking about her, and heard back. Wonderful! Both of our children are the same age, as it turns out. I remembered she had a young one, as I did, but not specifics.


I hope to run into you next Saturday! I will be running in and out as my daughter has swim class right smack in the center of the day and I don't want her to miss it. Daphne will not attend...


So will you do a post on how to run a lap spindle? I think it would be a splendid idea.

Deborah Robson

Hmmm. Post on how to run a lap spindle. I don't even think about how to do it, I just do it. However, the bigger trick is figuring out how to take photos of myself doing it! Or finding a willing (and local) person who'd be willing to snap me.

I use mine either standing up or sitting down. Priscilla Gibson-Roberts' Spinning in the Old Way shows both sitting and standing techniques, although yes, photos would also be nice.

I do like a spindle with a nice, long shaft for this.

May McCay

Our paths may intersect briefly yet again. We hope to attend Md S&W if the rain is not too bad. I was in the 'also ran' group of the rare breed knitting. We attended SOAR several years in the late '90's.


It's great to see how the Save the Sheep project started and hear the history of Spin-Off at MDS&W.
See you there this weekend, I hope. Stop by the booth . . .

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