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April 05, 2008


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Hurray for the new computer! I'm so glad you took a day away from all this. It seems like an extended version of "a watched pot never boils" or something. The Yarn Harlot is always a good diversion, and I think it was great that you took time to remember knitting, yarn shops, editors and authors, --why you do all these heroic computer efforts in the first place. :)


Hi Deb,
I'm glad your computer problems are getting sorted out. It was good to see you, too! I think Hannah is awfully cute, too, but I'm a bit biased. She picked out a pirate book after Stefanie's talk and has been running around singing, "yo ho ho an d a bottle of rum!" (Her dad taught her that!)
See you,


Hi Deb,
Very glad you got to see the harlot. I'm going tomorrow night in Annapolis - never mind its sales conference week!

Did you see Steph's comments about Denver? Exactly how I feel after every visit: breathless and sunburned!

Take care,



Weeks ago you mentioned Eric Maisel's "Van Gogh Blues" and I want to deeply thank you for this recommendation. Meaning crisis is, apparently, how I've been living my life for more than a decade. It's so exquisitely wonderful to have my sorrows/lostness/depression expressed in a way that makes sense and touches my heart. The book often brings tears to my eyes: being understood matters. That there are clues to stepping healthfully into and sticking with creativity is exactly what I need now. Thank you so very much for writing about "Van Gogh Blues" on your blog.

And, good luck with the computer woes. :)



Wow. Extra-good knitting luck, and turning-around computer luck at least in the "delivery-time department." I would say it's your turn for a long string of good-luck stories by now!

I am all hyped to order RAM tonight myself, for my laptop. With VISTA, 1GB is not enough when I'm processing a handful of Photoshop images. So I'll have 4GB soon. And the cool thing? The price has gone down about $40 since I got the laptop a year ago. Very cool.

Glad you got to see Stephanie and enjoy a mass-knitting-fun event. She is such a wonderful person, and laughter is such a healing force. I will see her on Friday here, in Ann Arbor (an hour away).

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