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April 02, 2008


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Sometimes sending something away is the very best thing you can do for it! (and you) How frustrating all this is. I wish you good luck with your further computer adventures, and I hope you're focusing on all the good things that can happen outside of computer function, because this saga might drive anyone to drink. I hope there are lots of positive distractions, like tea, or knitting, and dog walks? :)

Seth Brady


Thanks so much for your kind words about PC Connection in your recent post. As someone who works on the PCConnection.com web team, it’s really rewarding to read a longtime customer’s blog discussing their positive experiences working with us.

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had some problems with your new computer, but I’m really glad to read that our Customer Service team has been so responsive and open to finding ways to resolve the issues you’ve been having.

Personally, I agree that Thoreau’s quote about inventions and distractions is a great one. Here’s hoping that your product exchange will also go a long way to helping you keep your sanity as well!

Thanks again very much for your continued business over the years and for letting us know about your experience.

All the very best,

Seth Brady

Deborah Robson

PCConnection has been great. AGAIN. And I've got a different computer set up as an exchange. I'm especially glad about two things: (1) that I said "enough is enough" and (2) that I was working with PCConnection and they agreed.

Have managed so far not to be driven to drink or jump off the roof (although I've briefly considered both . . . indicators that it's time to do Something Completely Different, like knit).

My daughter *was* home from work when the Yellow Transportation truck pulled up, so we got the 52 boxes of books piled on a pallet (in the truck . . . no loading dock here), wrapped, and sent off. We can open the freezer door easily again!

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