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March 18, 2008


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Oh, this sort of computer stuff just sucks.

But hey, Ethnic Knitting Discovery got a nice review in the new Vogue, right?


Ah yes, Windoze beloved BSD [Blue Screen of Death] - whatta pain! I hope both you and your computer are better soon!

mary lou

I'd like to say you would not have the problems with a Mac, but I am having weird font problems with InDesign and can't email files without my system converting them to jpgs and the mac dude said he's never seen anything like it and i may have a corrupted os. I'm not looking forward to dealing with it, and less so reading your trials and tribulations. Hope it goes better.

Deborah Robson

Nice review in Vogue? My copy hasn't arrived! Oh, joy, something to look forward to!

I think this is worse than the Blue Screen of Death. Something *appears* to be happening. It just doesn't.

And oh, I'd been hoping that Macs did not do crazy things like this because I've been thinking that maybe some day I could afford to jump to another platform. I have been wondering if I could lay out my books in Scribus on Linux, but that would have its own set of possibly greater problems for the type of work I do.


Wondering when my copy of Vogue will come. . . .


Yes, the new Vogue also has a big advert section about "organic knitting." Huh. Wonder if they got the idea from my article in last fall's IK? :)

I feel deep empathy for you regarding the computer thing. I haven't gotten this far into a problem, but I have had similiar problems lately, and it stinks. I fear my desktop is dying, and my solutions have been few and far between. Keep trying, and know that I'm rooting for you!

Dina F

What awful computer messes. I had similar problems with a brand new Gateway PC and after a year of effort I finally finally got them to replace my dud/lemon with a new model. All systems go. Since you are in warranty and already wiped out the hard drive, maybe you can get a new one? It's worth a try. Hope you feel better soon,


How awful. Are you on an older PC or MAC? Is it possibly a processor issue? If so is it under warranty for a replacement?

I've had this happen twice in the last 8-years. Both times the processor could no longer support what I needed out of the design software and other programs.

I've been told that most computer life spans are about 2-3 years. Having been in the technology industry for 15 years (computers) that's about right. It's built in! That's a WHOLE 'nother topic. I've now started to budget a new computer in year 3 and have just barely made it to enter year 4.


Ugh. Blue screens make my tummy hurt. I used to be a tech and every time I had to reformat I held my breath, crossed fingers, toes and eyes, and prayed to whatever computer gods there might be.

And now that I'm catching up on your blog (reading backward) I see that you have TWO broken computers? After a car replacement? You are stronger than I am. If I lived near you I'd bring soup or something wonderful as a treat.

Hang in there, however you can. I think turning off the machine and going to a cafe' for green tea was one such excellent self-care method.

Big hugs from Michigan where it was 67F today and sunny. And where I am giving myself a night off since hubby is playing a contra dance and I finished taxes. (There are 2 past-due deadlines for me, but not for a few hours tonight.)


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