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March 10, 2008


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What a beautiful essay, Spinning the Yarn of Life. The journey of acquisition (having to order a dozen spinning wheels, needing to involve others, the opening of the packages being like a celebration...) is so much a part of it, isn't it - the 'then' becoming the 'now' in an endless roving. Thanks!

Deborah Robson

You're welcome, Karen! Thanks for going to look at the essay.


Love your article. I'm glad it shuffled to the top! It's good you're resting -- I hope when it's time, you'll feel ready to go again!


I'm all caught up with reading your blog now. I think it's funny that you left a comment yesterday, because I was thinking of coming over and check if there's something new, was there ever! So much going on in your life, no wonder you feel tired and in need of rest. The mice are cute, too bad we don't have cats, even though I like them, but our dogs use up all the money we can spare for pets, with surgery every year, with one or the other. I've bought the Landscape pattern a long time ago. I tried to knit it, but could not work the picot edge right. And I made a ton of mistakes with all the different stitch patterns, even if they are so simple by themselves. I like the yarn you used, or I should say the color.

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