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March 20, 2008


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Astrig in Maine

I drop by your blog occasionally to remind myself that one small business is amazingly similar to another. Thanks for the smiles, the wisdom and the mature perspective!


I'm sorry you had to spend the money on a new machine, but--it's so worth it. Your sanity is precious and you deserve a functional set of tools with which to work. I've been reading all this and wondering something. I have a 5 year old computer which is now terminally slow. I've replaced a broken CD drive myself, I've bought the eternal harddrive to back everything up, and I've mostly loaded up necessary software on my laptop. I hope, when my desktop dies, I'll be ready. (we're never ready for a death, but maybe prepared?) What I wonder is what has happened in the last year to make my computer begin its dance towards the abyss? Some jump in software or memory? Who knows...and you have spent way more time on the details than I htink I could bear!


OOps. That was external hard drive, not eternal hard drive. Wow, I am dealing with some big issues somewhere in my subconscious, huh?!

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