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February 22, 2008


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Lola LB

I will definitely be getting all of these books. I have the original KITOW. When the new edition came out, I was hesistant to get it, but now I'm kicking myself for not getting it when I still had a job. Soon as I have a job again, I'll be buying it. Right now I'm working on a polo pullover that I'm designing on the fly, and I went to the bookstore to take a look at the 2nd. edition for some points that I wasn't clear on, namely how to do the placket and options for finishing off the neck.

Susan J Tweit


It's always a pleasure to read your thoughts on anything because you're so clear and organized, and this post is no exception. I hadn't realized that I needed to understand the difference between the two books. But reading your lovely explanation of how Knitting the Old Way and Ethnic Knitting Discovery differ in their approaches and in the material presented taught me about how we learn differently at different stages of our craft. Now I understand why some knitting books appeal to me and others don't. Thanks for clarifying things for me! And happy knitting (when you're not burning your eyes out on research or checking patterns)!



Thanks so much for the clear explanations of what each offers -- I think I'll probably want all four! I have found, somewhat to my surprise, that I do not like being limited by patterns.

(And as a librarian, thank you for mentioning your local library and interlibrary loan. So many people forget that.)

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