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February 01, 2008


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Hurray for the new car purchase! I'm so glad to hear that this is (hopefully) all over. I'd been wondering how things were going. Glad to know things are beginning to settle down again!

Carrie K

But what color is the car???

Jon Krakauer's book sounds fascinating. As does Jeff Bell's but the Krakauer book particularly.


Oh, what a good bit of news. So glad you found something that feels right.

I tell you, the last three things I bought (computer, cell phone, palm device) all are not as good as the one I had before. At least I got a satisfying camera in there somewhere.

However, I must say I've never bought a car that I didn't feel really happy to have. My bug has 130,000 miles and ten years on it, time for parts but still happy.

When I have to buy something, it also takes over my life (I do notes like you did). It is so hard to get back into the swing again, but it sounds like you're doing fine there, too. Go, Grrl.


Congrats on the new car Deb, is it a Subaru? I have a Subaru and I LOVE my car.

I'm over here to let you know that your blog always makes my day. You've been given a blog award. Check out my blog to see it.

Abby Franquemont

It is my sincere hope to never have to actually go car shopping again. I know this is an impossibility, but i hope all the same. I'm glad you're done.

In other news, I bought into a meme, and in the course of doing so, have named you as one of the bloggers who makes my day. You can see more on my blog, and should you feel so inclined, can blog your own list of such individuals.


Mazel tov!

(Loved Krakauer's book. Grew up with a bunch of Mormons, very interesting culture.)

Deborah Robson

Yes, it's a Subaru, and they call the color "deep bronze." I wanted this gorgeous blue, but got a better deal by buying the one they had at the dealership. I am growing to love this color.

I have had hopes that the '94 Explorer (the green one) would last forever and I would not have to buy another car ever again. Now that hope has been transferred to the new car. Although the green Explorer trucks on, it is now my daughter's car.

I'm glad I make your day, Abby!

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