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February 04, 2008


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I'm flattered by your comments on my Fana sweater and glad to have been able to provide a bit of inspiration when you needed it. Your chenille sweater looks like it will be simple and lovely. For years, my grandmother knit sweaters for a small woman who liked high-fashion garments but had trouble finding things to fit. Grandma always enjoyed those projects because she got to work with interesting patterns and fancier yarns. ;)


Well thank goodness the car likes the snow! What if it wanted to move to Kentucky!? We've had no snow to speak of. Just your photo makes me jealous.

I find great beauty in simplicity and therefore, think your chenille is a true work of art and love. Of course, that Fana sweater is nothing to sneeze at, either! Amazing.

I'm currently in love with my zafu inventions (round cushions) but as I've made two already this week, I need to get back to knitting sleeves and finishing the sweater I started. Sometimes even knitting gets dull. :)

Janet Riehl

As you know, I'm no knitter of yarns, except with words...but I recall so clearly all the knitting going on around me growing up.

I love your display of the sweater against what I take to be your rug? The colors contrast so perfectly and make me want to rush on over to feel that chenille sweater up. Must be heaven to work with.

Janet Riehl

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