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February 15, 2008


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hey! thanks!!

those poetry mittens look really, really neat.

Nancy J

During this sleepy week (even the media says people are sleepy this week, so DH and I aren't alone), I need some magic! Will have to check out this issue.

Deborah Robson

So it's not just me who's sleepy this week? Although a bit on edge because of everything that's needed to be done.

I think I need to go knit. Or better yet: spin.

Rosemary in Colorado

My darling husband picked up a copy of this magazine, and it's AWESOME!!! I love the poetry mittens, and I can't wait to get started. What's extra nice is that the author published a chart, so that if you want to, you can chart in your own poem (which I plan to do... for dh!) Yes, it's great and wonderful - even the article about knitting with bear hair, lol.

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