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January 07, 2008


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I do believe all the random thoughts in someone's directions do a heap of good...I've been feeling truly loved during my weirdo illness the last month or two. I've enjoyed your comments on my blog lately, and I've been thinking about you--(and Priscilla!) but only had the time today to check all your recent posts and see your adventures. (poor car...but yes, it did really save someone. We had an accident like this, too. We were in England. The car stopped an old man's farm truck skidding on our hill. Lucky man. Our car, while "totalled", still runs. Good all round.)

The professor says to mention--assuming it was you that bought the Glimakra from School Products?--that lucky for us, it just wouldn't have fit in our carry ons or our luggage. Funny, but he's right!

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